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When the world turns upside down

Kategori: Allmänt

When your world suddenly turns upside down. It is good to have spent a whole lot of time being upside down. Building up the strengh. The balance. Trying to find that balance now. I may wiggle a lot. And sometimes I fall. But I get up. Again and again. And again. I keep trying. As many times as it takes. Because I need to. I want to. Because it is worth it. Because all the love I feel. For him.
Upside down is also a way. It might be harder. More challenging. I will or can not hide. Or run. I need to be here and now. Focus on the good things. It turns me around. Totally. It gives me a ride. I will never forget. But it is worth it. I and we will get stronger. And more grateful. For every day that actually works and feels good. 


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